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Services Provided

  • Summer chess camp 
Camps allow for morning and afternoon options for chess depending on availability and number of sign ups for particular sessions.
Sessions are limited to students entering K-12 grades.
  • All students that enter the chess camp will get a history of the game, board/piece basics, the object/how to capture, tactics/strategy, they'll learn the independence required by every player when competing no matter if they're kindergartners or 12th graders, and competition conduct.

  • Special seminars with Expert level to Grand Master level players
  • Simultaneous Exhibitions with advanced players up to Grand Master level
  • Chess instruction for students, small groups, or families!
  • Tournaments and other events
  • On-site tournament directors, tournament officials, upon request
  • General tournament help and consulting

*Scholastic or school-based chess can be provided as a service to the school, home-school group, or entire school district. We can assist by training your sponsors or coaches in basic practice methods, teaching after-school lessons for a number of weeks, or managing an entire chess team. Scholastic needs are individualized.