Purchase Chess Foundation

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The Purchase Chess Foundation is an organization founded by area chess enthusiasts for the purpose of advancing and growing chess from a young age through adulthood. Their current projects include two scholarships for graduating seniors. Unfortunately, neither scholarship will be accessible until all the funds are available for both. 

Long term goals for the Purchase Chess Foundation are to establish a continuous Endowment for the scholarships, and then to assist more hands on in the community with individual to group chess needs.


West Kentucky Chess is being transferred to the Purchase Chess Foundation and will no longer exist by 2020. The Foundation will continue to provide many of the activities, and services of West Kentucky Chess, but as a non-profit. The Foundation will be raising funds for immediate scholarship awards as often as the funds are available and raising funds for endowment scholarships further into the future.  

We are here to promote and spread chess through education, information, and competitive play. 

We specialize in chess education for scholastic level players (K-12), the generally interested chess playing public, and assisting the region in chess growth.

West Kentucky Chess is an Affiliate with the United States Chess Federation and employs USCF certified tournament directors, coaches, and rated players to contribute their knowledge and expertise to the region. 

We also provide more specific services to those folks in the community that need help with chess events, learning the basics, and management of current programs.

Our objective is to provide a fun and entertaining option for families and individuals through the game of chess.

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